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Why choose us

We are passionate about Stained glass window restoration and repair, with over 26 years experience and expertise within the industry.

The making of Stained Glass windows has hardly changed since the 12th century. A Stained Glass window consists of pieces of coloured glass held together in a latticed web of lead. The glass can have details such as faces, hands or drapery painted and fired on to it in black or brown paint. The paint has a mix of ground glass in it which when heated to very high temperatures fuses on to the surface of the glass. Around 1300 yellow stain was discovered. This had the ability to turn white glass yellow or blue glass green. This was useful in highlighting hair, Halo’s and crowns. This is where the term Stained Glass comes from.


Repair & Restoration

Sympathetic repairs made in-situ or complete restoration of old lead and broken glass.

Stained glass

Traditional kiln fired painting on glass.

UV glass bonding

New and repair

Leaded windows and gifts

Hand made bespoke leaded windows and gifts.

Security and safety glazing

Secondary glazing to protect stained glass window’s. Laminated glass, Toughened glass, Polycarbonate sheets and metal grills.

Architectural Salvage

Reclaimed stained glass window’s and door’s resized and repaired for new door’s and window openings.

26 Years Of Experience and excellence with stained glass windows.

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